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    Bipolar Disorder Research: Breakthroughs and Bafflements

    Bipolar Disorder researchsThere are many factors that can affect one’s mental health and especially a person with bipolar disorder. Genetics, unemployment, physical and mental trauma, death, family crisis and many more causes have been linked to mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder. In the final analysis it is generally believed that factors such as family trauma and financial strain cannot cause bipolar, merely exacerbate it. It is argued that bipolar is genetically inherited but even this has not been proven to be 100% true. What is certain is that bipolar disorder is caused by an imbalance in the brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin. Research and trial and error have established that mood altering drugs, such as mood stabilizers and anti-depressants are extremely effective in counteracting bipolar disorder. However researchers cannot state for certain how these drugs affect bipolar disorder and why they are successful in most patients. Another anomaly about the use of bipolar disorder medications is that they are not entirely successful for some people. Some patients with bipolar symptoms simply do not respond to traditional medical treatments and that is not yet understood.

    Furthermore there are people who are disinclined to use prescription medications to treat a mental illness such as bipolar disorder. Instead they opt for natural remedies and one of the leading recommended of these is omega-3 fatty acids. In a conclusive study about omega-3 fatty acids and bipolar symptoms had significantly longer remission periods. These bipolar disorder subjects also performed quite well on four symptom-severity scales used in the study.
    One interesting breakthrough in eastern thought is by analyzing bi polar disorder and its relationship to kundalinienergy. People experiencing bipolar symptoms have awakened their kundalinienergy, which in turn stimulates the endocrine system. However the bipolar disorder patient’s level of consciousness has not yet matured and the result is a poorly developed and disoriented individual. It is believed that only when the bipolar disorder patient matures fully can he or she balance the flow of kundalinienergy.
    Another bipolar disorder breakthrough is the acknowledgement that physical exercise does indeed keep the psyche fit. In particular for the person experiencing depression exercise is a mood enhancing process whereby chemicals in the brain called endorphins are activated. This in turn lightens bipolar symptoms at least temporarily.
    Recently a controversial brain surgery was used to treat bipolar symptoms. A microchip was inserted into the brains of bipolar disorder patients. The patients themselves were somehow able to control the release of mood stabilizers located within the microchip in order to prevent depression and mania, typical bipolar symptoms. The main problem with this procedure however, was that the patients were tempted to over-stimulate their brains throughout the day in order to remain in a continually “happy” state.
    There are a number of reasons why it is difficult to treat, research and hope for medical breakthroughs with bipolar disorder. It is typical that bipolar disorder is not recognized or treated in an individual for several years due to its abstract nature. It also mimics other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and the schizoid personality. Finally treatments that are effective in one bipolar disorder patient may be utterly ineffective in another rendering breakthroughs and treatments very complicated.

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