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    Bipolar Disorder: Signs of a Manic Episode


    Bipolar disorder is also referred to as manic-depression, an outdated term that medical and mental health care providers do not use anymore. Bipolar disorder is characterized by extremes of mood being mania and depression. Further to this, there are sub-types of bipolar disorder including rapid cycling between mania and depression and cyclothymia, wherein mood swings aren’t as severe as bipolar.
    Mania is expressed in several ways. Sometimes a person can become extremely agitated or hostile. The sufferer may even become physically aggressive. This is a frightening behaviour and sometimes police or ambulance workers are required to bring the situation under control. It is seldom true that there is a valid reason for the behaviour. Manic symptoms exist as part of the bipolar condition.
    Other symptoms suggesting a manic episode include extreme euphoria and feelings of grandeur. Euphoria is akin to being “high”. It is a natural state of extreme happiness and giddiness. Grandeur causes a person to believe that he or she is extremely important, perhaps a celebrity or even a religious figure such as the Virgin Mary. The patient may believe he or she has special powers and has the ability to cause incredible developments in the world such as bring about world peace.
    An increase in activity and a decreased need for sleep is another symptom of mania. Often the sufferer needs sleep medication in order to sleep and even then his or her sleep may be frequently interrupted during the night.
    Mania symptoms may also be expressed by rapid, cycling thoughts and rapid speech. It can be very difficult to interrupt a person in a manic episode who is speaking rapidly. A constantly changing thought process may be reflected in a person’s manner of speech.Talking out loud to oneself, pacing about restlessly, increased activity and impatience are also indicators of a manic episode.
    In spite of these extreme symptoms it is rare that a person who suffers from bipolar disorder is aware that there is anything wrong. Usually a diagnosis must be made in order for a person to become aware that his or her behaviour is abnormal. Once a diagnosis has been made most bipolar sufferers are placed on medications that effectively control the onset of mania and its symptoms. This tends to result in behaviour that is less extreme and more predictable making the bipolar sufferer’s situation much easier to manage.

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