bipolar sings and its symptoms


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    Bipolar Symptoms: the Tragedies and Triumphs


    Manic Depression


    Bipolar sufferers are forever experienced by such large tragedies, and not diminishing the gravity of such touching events. The hearts and souls of mental patient can also be moved by minor, individual acts of searching and change. Here are some stories of human being:



    Suicide and Bipolar are Dangerous Combination

    It is really recommended to spot this heart breaker Blogger. This fellow grew up in a caring home within a nice family. There was nothing shocking in his environment which could give him an idea about the way down the road he took. He considers often the possibility of commiting suicide. One of the things which prevents this chap from taking his own life is the thoughts that his parents’ “kindness and generosity will be thrown away”. I faund this Blog very sensitive and touching and I encourage everyone who read this to go there and give this bipolar fellow-sufferer a hug.