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    Bipolar Test

    Bipolar test – am I bipolar?

    Bipolar test – am I bipolar?


    Bi polar disorder or manic-depression is a mental illness experience by children, adolescents and adults of all ages. It is believed to be an inherited condition that leads to a chemical imbalance in the brain. Bipolar disorder is characterized by extreme mood swings being mania and depression. These moods swings can be very debilitating and cause functional problems in many areas of a person’s life. A checklist of symptoms of bipolar disorder may be helpful in detecting whether or not a person is a sufferer. However it should be emphasized that only a medical doctor, a psychiatrist or a psychologist is in a position to make a proper, official diagnosis of bipolar disorder. In the event that a person taking this test believes he or she may have some of the symptoms listed in the checklist, it is wise never to make an assumption and instead to visit a medical health care provider.


    Please check the following conditions you are currently experiencing or have experienced:

    • Extreme happiness or euphoria
    • Frequent bursts of rage
    • Aggressive behavior
    • Extreme hostility towards others
    • Rapid thoughts that you cannot control
    • Rapid speech that no one can interrupt
    • Depression
    • Suicidal thoughts and fantasies
    • Delusions of grandeur and great importance
    • Visual hallucinations (seeing things)
    • Audio hallucinations (hearing things)
    • Difficult in maintaining relationships
    • Difficult in maintaining employment
    • Hysteria
    • Rage and depression at the same time
    • Inability to concentrate or comprehend information
    • Disrupted sleep, either too much, not enough, or almost none
    • Abuse of drugs in particular cocaine, alcohol and sleeping medications
    • Inappropriate sexual behavior, eg. promiscuity or a loss of interest in sex
    • A denial that anything is wrong
    • Shoplifting
    • Change in appetite and body weight
    • Physical complaints not caused by a illness or injury
    • Anxiety
    • Guilt

    If you experience at least 17 of the aforementioned conditions, you may wish to consider the possibility that you suffer from bipolar disorder.


    These are many of the symptoms of bipolar disorder. However the symptoms are not exclusive and not every bipolar sufferer experiences all of these symptoms. Moreover, bipolar disorder I and bipolar disorder II do not share all of the same symptoms. Bipolar disorder I requires at least three episodes of full-blown mania and a depressive episode lasting 12 weeks or longer. Sufferers of bipolar disorder II usually do not experience full-blown mania, but rather a less intensive state known as hyper-mania. Also very few people with bipolar disorder II experience hallucinations. It is imperative to see a mental or medical health care provider in order to make a true, accurate diagnosis.