bipolar sings and its symptoms


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    Living With Bipolar Disorder Symptoms

    Living with bipolar disorder symptomsKnown as both manic-depression and bipolar disorder, this mental illness affects two million Americans including children, adolescents and adult men and women. 1 in 100 people exhibit bipolar disorder symptoms. An initial diagnosis of bipolar disorder symptoms can be difficult to make since like many mental illnesses, signs of bipolar disorder can mimic other mental disorders.  Also certain bipolar disorder symptoms may occur in one patient yet not in another.  Depressive and manic episodes may also be quite sporadic.
    Signs of bipolar disorder are usually unmistakable and quite dramatic.  Major depression, extreme euphoria, suicidal tendencies and drug and alcohol abuse are among many signs of bipolar disorder symptoms. After the many signs of bipolar disorder have been diagnosed there are many measures to offer assistance to the person experience bipolar disorder symptoms.
    The most powerful and encouraging support for the person suffering from bipolar disorder symptoms is a network of loving family and friends. Those attempt to understand, accept and assist the bipolar patient can prove invaluable.  Rejection is extremely distressing and can lead to attempts at suicide.  It is critical that friends and family avoid criticism and anger towards the person with bipolar disorder symptoms. It is important to remember that signs of bipolar disorder are not the fault of the patient and are extremely difficult to control.
    Medical treatment is essential for most bipolar sufferers.  In particular, anti-depressants mood stabilizers, anti-psychotics and anticonvulsants are frequently used to counteract the signs of bipolar disorder. It is imperative that the person with bipolar disorder symptoms doesn’t sway from their medication treatment. All too often after medications improve bipolar disorder symptoms, bipolar sufferers may believe they are cured and stop taking their medicines, leading to another recurrence of symptoms.
    Proper physical care in the way of nourishment, exercise and regular sleep habits are essential to the person with bipolar disorder symptoms.  A balanced diet free of caffeine and sugar is extremely important, since these chemicals can increase the likelihood of mania.Similarly, alcohol abuse in the person with bipolar disorder symptoms can bring out major depression.  Exercise and regular sleep improve energy levels, regulate brain chemistry and heighten the mood of a person with bipolar disorder symptoms in a healthy and desirable manner. Straying from a healthy lifestyle can cause signs of bipolar disorder to return in some patients. Loving support, medical care and a healthy lifestyle can prove to be a very effective support system in dealing with bipolar disorder symptoms.