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    The Bi polar Disorder Sufferer and Denial



    After the controversy and public outcry concerning Elvis Presley’s premature death on August 16 1977 was somewhat settled a reporter asked a member of Presley’s entourage a poignant question, which was why didn’t Presley’s friends help him to get off of the drugs that killed him?  The answer was unforgettable: how does one save a man from himself?  Frequently the bipolar disorder patient is in complete denial about the fact of his or her own bipolar symptoms and this is quite understandable.  Who want to believe they have bi polar disorder or any other mental illness for that matter?
    Inside of one’s own head it is not possible to be fully objective.  Others can tell a person what they witness but convincing the bi polar disorder patient that he or she is indeed a sufferer is extremely difficult for a number of reasons.  The extreme mood swings that mark bipolar symptoms, depression and euphoria are usually long established by the time friends and loved ones suggest that the bi polar disorder patient has this mental illness.  Since the sufferer is used to this disturbing existence it becomes nearly impossible to accept that these mood swings are indeed symptomatic of bi polar disorder.
    Also it is very difficult for most people to accept criticism of any sort, be it about their behaviour, appearance or intellectual ability.  This is doubly so in the bi polar disorder patient who experiences anxiety and distressed at an increased level compared to people with bipolar symptoms.  It is easy then to protect oneself from what is wrongly perceived as criticism by going into denial about bipolar symptoms.
    Furthermore, many creative, artistic people tend to suffer from bi polar disorder.  However it is during their manic episodes that they are at their most creative and this makes it unlikely that the artist or poet suffering from bi polar disorder will seek help for his or her illness.  Many bi polar disorder patients in fact fear diagnosis in case medical treatment deters his or her creativity and intellect, a myth.
    It is only when the bi polar disorder patient begins losing relationships and jeopardizing employment opportunities that acknowledgement of bipolar symptoms finally appear.  This is often a devastating time in the bi polar disorder patient’s life and a support system of friends and family is crucial in determining the person’s emotional outcome. However as with the sad story of Elvis Presley and his premature demise, it is frequently impossible to convince a bipolar disorder patient that he or she indeed suffers from the illness and that person needs to reach this conclusion on their own.

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