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    Signs of Bipolar & Suicide

    Suicide - Stay Alert!Also known as manic-depression, bipolar disorder affects approximately two million Americans or 1 in 100 people including children, adolescents and adults.  In children and adolescents it can be quite difficult to render an accurate diagnosis of bipolar symptoms since behaviors may mimic a plethora of other mental disorders.  Also adolescents tend to display moody and unpredictable behaviours as part of their nature so a diagnosis of bipolar symptoms is doubly difficult.
    There are many symptoms and warning signs of suicidal behaviour brought about by bipolar disorder.  The bipolar sufferer who begins exhibiting suicidal tendencies is in immediate need of psychiatrist assistance.  There are several signs of suicidal behavior in a person with bipolar symptoms patient and some of these include:

    • talking about hopelessness
    • a major depressive bipolar episode
    • extreme euphoria after a prolonged depression
    • talk of suicide
    • writing a suicide note or suicidal entries in a journal
    • lethargy and inactivity
    • isolation
    • severe anxiety
    • drug or alcohol abuse

    After a prolonged depression, a typical bipolar disorder symptom, extreme euphoria is very worrisome.  It often indicates that the bipolar sufferer has made the final decision to end his or her life in order to escape emotional pain.
    In particular hostility and rage are also significant indicators of possible suicide in a person who suffers from bipolar disorder symptoms. These rages are a side effect of extreme depression in a person who suffers from bipolar symptoms.  Buying a rope or a gun is another indication of suicide, particularly since death by gunshot or hanging is particularly aggressive and also symptomatic of rage.

    A suicidal person who suffers from bipolar disorder symptoms may attempt a drug overdose or abuse alcohol. However drug and alcohol abuse in the person with bipolar symptoms is a difficult behaviour to connect with suicide since bipolar disorder patients tend to abuse drugs anyway.
    The patient with bipolar symptoms may write a will and visit friends and relatives for the last time without their knowledge that this is the end. Giving away objects once considered valuable and paying off debts are other indicators of suicide in the patient with bipolar symptoms.
    Getting help from a psychiatrist or even calling a suicide hotline in your area is essential in preventing the person who suffers from bipolar disorder symptoms from committing suicide.  A sudden, erratic change in behaviour in a person with bipolar symptoms is always worrisome and should never be ignored.

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