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    What Causes the Symptoms of Bipolar?

    Is it genetic?

    Bipolar - Is it genetic?

    There is much debate in the scientific realmin regard to the mental illness known as bipolar disorder. There are two types of bipolar disorder, types I and II. There is also rapid cycling bipolar and a condition known as cyclothymia which is a milder form of bipolar disorder. The primary difference is in the bipolar disorder symptoms and how they are expressed in the patient.
    In general it is argued that bipolar disorder is caused by a genetic condition, although no precise gene for bipolar disorder and its symptoms has been identified. It can skip generations or it can occur in several people in one immediate family. What is agreed upon is that bipolar disorder symptoms resultwhen two major transmitters in the brain known as serotonin and dopamine are disrupted in some manner so as to cause an imbalance. An overabundance or an impaired amount of these transmitters probably result in the condition known as bi polar disorder yet even this isn’t entirely proven.
    There are different types of medications that are used to treat bipolar disorder symptoms. One is a mood stabilizer. This medication is particularly important when a person also receives an anti-depressant for depressive episodes. If a mood stabilizer isn’t taken then the sufferer may experience excessive mania as a result. Another type of bi polar medication is an anti-psychotic drug, an important drug for controlling severe bipolar disorder symptoms. This prevents the sufferer from experiencing visual and/or audio hallucinations or experiencing extreme paranoia and delusional thinking. Finally an anti-convulsive may also be taken in order to prevent seizures, another possible bipolar disorder symptom.
    Bipolar can be expressed during childhood, adolescence or adulthood. It is very rare for a child to express symptoms of bipolar. Much more commonly bipolar symptoms areexpressed in early adulthood. It is rare for a person to be diagnosed beyond the age of 40. Bipolar symptoms occurequally in men and women. It occurs in all races.
    Sometimes bipolar symptoms can be exasperated by extreme stress or physical illness. Some women believe a pregnancy can activate or increase their bipolar symptoms. A severe bout of mononucleosis has been known to bring about the symptoms. There are many other illnesses and physical conditions that can instigate bipolar disorder symptoms however it is argued that the potential to develop this condition has probably always existed.
    Another possibility is the use of drugs and alcohol. People who are bipolar shouldn’t drink and should never use illegal drugs. Stimulants can cause mania and alcohol, a depressant, is likely to increase the likelihood of a major depressive episode.
    Diet is another major influence on sufferers of bipolar disorder. It is believed that bipolar sufferers should avoid caffeine, sugar, aspartame, an overabundance of chemicals and processed foods.

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